REVIEW: Dunkirk

As a reviewer and cinephile, I’ve always been critical of Christopher Nolan’s films. While admittedly not his biggest fan, Nolan consistently puts out undeniably quality films. But, although I am particularly harsh on films such as The Dark Knight and Interstellar, I would be dishonest if I said I didn’t enjoy those movies, even through the flaws I […]

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REVIEW: Cars 3

The Cars franchise, the Pixar equivalent of a garage sale, is back 6 years after its last iteration. Perhaps one of the more divisive Disney franchises, Cars has unfairly earned the title of “The Worst of the Pixar Films.” While I won’t argue with you that Cars 2 is indeed Pixar’s worst, the original Cars was unfairly given that title by being […]

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REVIEW: Sherlock: Season 4

  Hey look, the first of our TV show reviews! What better show to review than Sherlock, huh? With four short seasons made up of eighty minute long episodes, each episode could be taken as a sort of film, with the three “films” in each season creating an over-arching central storyline.         […]

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REVIEW: Wonder Woman

Coming right off of 2016’s disappointing Batman v Superman and the abysmal Suicide Squad, things weren’t looking good for Warner Brother’s DC Cinematic Universe. The constant switching of directors, script re-writes, and film delays, it seemed like the DCCU was seeing its twilight days not too long after being created. That is no longer the case. Spectacular. Inspiring. Motivating. […]

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