“Lady Bird” (One of the best films of the year)

Lady Bird “soars” as a delightful, original, and occasionally harsh coming-of-age story. Greta Gerwig to perfection shows us the silly and heart-wrenching moments of teenage life for a girl no matter how important or trivial the moments are. Lady Bird is a movie worthy of oscar attention which it deserves for a superb directing debut from writer/actor/director Greta Gerwig and yet another astonishing performance from actress Saoirse Ronan (Brooklyn, Atonement). Ronan firmly carry’s the film on her shoulders with a perfect supporting cast to go with.

Lady Bird tells the story of Christine “Lady Bird” Mcpherson, a quirky, self-conscious teen, in her senior year of Catholic high school in the backdrop of 2002-2003 Sacramento, California. Lady Bird is her nickname given by herself to herself, the nickname being a symbol of her freewheeling lively spirit. Lady Bird commits to anything and everything she does whether it be pursuing high school theater or pursuing relationships with boys she always tackles it with great enthusiasm and sense of individuality.

Although Lady Bird contains many significant character relationships in the film, none are as significant as Lady Bird’s relationship with her mother Marion (Laurie Metcalf), which the film is truly about. The arguments, silent treatments, and passive aggressive actions between Lady Bird and her mother feel all too real, revealing the uneasy truths of the relationships between mothers and daughters.

Lady Bird is a finely crafted yet rare film about teenage life that balances the ugly, dark, sad and difficult parts, with the joyous, jubilant, and exuberant moments. Lady Bird takes you on a comedic, warm, and dramatic coming-of-age tale filled with teenage angst and wanderlust. Lady Bird is one of the best films of the year with oscar nominations knocking on the door for it’s actors, director, and screenplay.

Final Grade: A+




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