Rick and Morty: “The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy” Recap/Review

[WARNING: This recap/review contains spoilers regarding Season 3 Episode 5 of Rick and Morty]

Rick and Morty fans were finally given a Rick and Jerry episode and it was great! This episode felt like a classic Rick and Morty adventure besides the fact that Morty was replaced with Jerry. As Season 3 has progressed it seemed that the character of Jerry would slowly drift away as a main character of the show, fortunately this episode gave some assurance that Jerry isn’t going anywhere any time soon.


Jerry is depressed and living in a rickety apartment, he desperately misses the life he had before the divorce. When trying to sleep, Rick barges in and takes Jerry to an alien resort where death is impossible due to its immortality shield. At the resort the two seem to bond over drinks at the bar but that quickly takes a turn when Jerry encounters the resort restraunt’s assistant general manger who wants Rick killed. Jerry agrees to kill Rick but quickly gets cold feet when Rick apologizes for ruining his marriage. The pair then find themselves needing to evacuate the planet immediately before being killed.

While Rick and Jerry are off on their adventure Morty, Summer and Beth are back on Earth. Summer, dealing with body issues after her boyfriend dumps her uses one of Rick’s contraptions to enhance her body and everything goes terribly wrong. Turning herself into a monster, Morty and Beth try to get Summer back to her normal self. Morty who just wanted a day off from his crazy life with Rick somehow always seems to get tangled in something connected to Rick.

Before boarding a flight to escape, Rick is given a brain neutralizer making him an “average” flight passenger. Rick’s killer appears on the flight and takes him and Jerry hostage, Rick unable to use his intelligence to get out of the situation is hopeless until Jerry attempts to save the day. Failing miserably at fighting Rick’s killer, Jerry is able to buy enough time for the trio to journey down the rabbit hole as the spaceship goes into a wormhole. Possibly one of the strangest scenes in all of Rick and Morty occurs here, like it’s really weird.

Back on Earth Beth also turns herself into a monster and helps Summer deal with her body issues. Morty is also taking the role as the man of the household as we see him have a very passive aggressive conversation with Summer’s ex-boyfriend. The episode ends with Rick and Jerry returning back to Earth with what seems to be closure between the two on everything that has happened in the family.

This episode dove into the issues that Rick and Jerry have always had with each other. Jerry shows his anger with Rick and how he feels that he is the reason his marriage failed, when in reality thats most likely true. Early in the episode Jerry comes to the realization that his marriage turned south once Rick came back into Beth’s life. Rick expresses how Jerry took Beth’s options away and limited her future by getting her pregnant at such a young age. Rick also tells Jerry how he is fed up with him playing the victim, when in reality Jerry is the predator using his pity to bring others around him down. I found this very spot on because Jerry being “Jerry” is what brings his family down, his incompetence is what is holding them back from reaching their potential.

Aside from Rick and Jerry we see how Morty is fed up with his family. The reason he sent Rick to get Jerry was to take a break from his adventures, oh and for Jerry to not kill himself of course. We see his frustration with Beth who is a lesser version of Rick, judging that she is his daughter they are destined to share qualities. The entire situation involving Summer could have been avoided had Beth agreed with Morty to get Rick’s help. But Beth’s unwillingness to listen to Morty causes them to chase Summer around town. Morty also takes over as the man of the household it seems, after his talk with Summer’s ex-boyfriend we see in the after credits how he turns him into a deformed monster for breaking his sisters heart.

The family seems to be less dysfunctional at the end of this episode but Jerry is still alone. It’s obvious that Jerry needs Beth, Summer and Morty more then they need him. Will Jerry end up changing his ways and become more independent and competent instead of bringing the ones he loves down with him? For Jerry’s sake he better make the change.

“The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy” stepped away from what the other episodes have been this season and focused more on being a classic Rick and Morty adventure with its originality and dark humor. Hopefully the show releases more episodes such as this one because personally this was my favorite episode in the season.


Final Grade: A


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